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NEW: Breath Mastery Live Online

17th and 24th June 2024, 8pm - 9pm

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Transform Your Life with Breath Mastery Live Online

Unlock the Power of Breath Mastery

Join me, Pauli, on a mission to transform lives through the power of breath. My Breath Mastery course is designed to tackle burnout, chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, and aid in recovery from addictions. With a deep passion for helping others, I am here to guide you towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Why Breath Mastery Matters

In a world with over 8 billion people, stress and anxiety are common challenges. My goal is to make a significant impact, starting with you. Your long-term health and well-being depend on learning to breathe effectively. Sign up today and take the first step towards a better life.

About me

I am a certified breath coach and qualified to teach transformational integral yoga as therapy, specialising in stress and anxiety. Each year, I help over 1,000 people learn to breathe better. Whether through 1-1 sessions, group classes, or working with those in rehabilitation, my methodology is both powerful and highly effective.

Book Your Place Now

My all new Breath Mastery Coaching Course consists of two live online sessions, available for both private clients and groups.

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What You'll Learn

  • Two Comprehensive Classes: Harness the power of your breath with a series of classes.

  • Modern Pranayama: Experience the ancient art and science of pranayama, adapted for today's world.

  • Stress Management Tools: Gain greater awareness and practical techniques to control stress and anxiety.

  • 24/7 Access: All classes and breathing tutorials are recorded and available anytime.

  • Community Support: Join a VIP Facebook and WhatsApp group to share learnings and build support.

Course Highlights

  • Understanding Your Nervous System: Learn about the effects of stress on your body.

  • Breathing Anatomy: Discover the anatomy of breathing and its importance.

  • Effective Techniques: Master a range of powerful breathing techniques for various scenarios.


Benefits of the Course

  • Daily Breathing Toolkit: Equip yourself with techniques to handle any situation.

  • Nervous System Management: Learn to control and manage your nervous system.

  • Stress Reduction: Reduce stress levels significantly.

  • Improved Sleep and Digestion: Enhance your sleep and digestive health.

  • Increased Energy and Focus: Boost your energy levels and concentration.


Each Class Includes

  • Theory Sessions: Understand how your body responds to stress and the power of breathing.

  • Breath Awareness: Learn about the anatomy and importance of breath.

  • Live Techniques: Practice new breathing techniques in each class.

  • Pranayama: Engage in yoga breathing exercises.

  • Weekly Techniques: Receive three new breathing techniques to practice daily.

  • Class Recordings: Access recordings 24/7 for convenience.


Custom Breath Mastery Sessions

Contact me to organize bespoke Breath Mastery Live sessions for friends, family, or your work team.



Breath Coaching Options

  • 1-1 Private Client: £395.00

  • Breath Mastery Live (17, 24 June): £147.00 per person

    • Breath Mastery Early Bird: £95.00 per person

Transform your life with the power of breath.


Book your place today and take control of your health and well-being.

Sleep Better and Build Resilience: Breath Mastery Live

"It was full of so many incredible breathing techniques and I also enjoyed the theory which helped provide context to all the breathing we learnt. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we were learning to breathe less on this course! I've felt so calm and peaceful doing the breathing and I've used the techniques during particularly stressful moments in the day. "
Kundalini Yoga Breathing

June 2024 dates: 17th and 24th
Breath Mastery


FACT ONE - Stress and Anxiety

Most of us are highly stressed and struggle with anxiety, we sleep badly, and we lack energy and motivation. It's not surprising because we are all exhausted from a myriad of factors, including over-working, Brexit, COVID, a war in Europe and a whole host of personal struggles and relationship issues. In many cases, this leads us to reach for unhealthy choices to self-medicate like eating unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, and other addictions that 'make us feel better', but are significantly damaging health.


FACT TWO - Depression

1 in 6 adults experienced a ‘common mental disorder’ such as depression or anxiety in the past week. That's over 11 million adults in the UK and 1.3 billion across the world. Mental health and general wellbeing is declining faster than ever before and it is terrifying governments and business leaders around the world. The cost to society is huge and growing.


FACT THREE - Burn-out and exhaustion

We are falling sick. Look around you, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, unable to cope, depression, anger, sadness, low mood and relationships are breaking down. Why? We are burning out from stress and exhaustion.


FACT FOUR - Immediate results

We know we need to take action about our health and wellbeing, but most people keep putting it off (until it's too late), because everything seems too much effort, appears too complicated, and it takes too long to see results. Breathing techniques get immediate results.


FACT FIVE - 90% of us do not breathe properly

90% of us are not breathing properly - and it's a scientific fact that we can prevent, rehabilitate and recover from most physical, mental and emotional illnesses by mastering breathing techniques and applying them daily.

All of the conditions mentioned here are preventable, manageable and improvements can be immediate with breathing properly.

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