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We take 22,000 breaths a day.

Imagine if each and every one of those twenty two thousand breaths is painful, or worse - you simply cannot breathe!

Join me in support of: #oxygenforindia


The aim is to raise funds for our brothers and sisters in India who are suffering through lack of oxygen supplies and equipment. The biggest difference we can make right now is to get as many ‘oxygen concentrators’ to hospitals as quickly as possible. That's why I am supporting the British Asian Trust Emergency Appeal #oxygenforindia


How we breath defines who we are, how we react to the world around us and how we cope with life. How we breath actively supports good mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. And how we breath can significantly damage our health and wellbeing. 

I am offering FREE Pranayama sessions through May for every donation made on my JUST GIVING page in support of the #oxygenforIndia appeal. 


My BREATH OF LIFE PRANAYAMA classes teach you how to breath, how to direct Prana and how to manage and control your nervous system to promote improvements in mental health and wellbeing.  See my BREATH COACHING page for more information.

Next Breath of Life Pranayama class - Wednesday and Sunday 9pm for 30 mins, so please donate today to attend one of these classes.


The situation in India is worsening every passing day. The scenes of devastation being caused by the impacts of COVID-19 are heart-breaking. People are cradling sick loved ones in hopes of receiving help but their prayers are not being answered as vital supplies and equipment, including oxygen, are running low.

We simply cannot stand by and do nothing. We need your support to help people today.


1) Just Give - and in return you are welcome to attend any of my Pranayama classes throughout May

2) Just Give - no need to attend a class

Please give as little or as much as your heart tells you.

Details can be found on my website and Facebook page @mindfullypauli or email me.


Having consulted with the Indian and UK governments, Advisors and programme partners in India, British Asian Trust has outlined a package of support that will complement what industry, government and other charities are doing to help.

The biggest difference we can make right now is to get as many ‘oxygen concentrators’ to hospitals as quickly as possible. Oxygen concentrators are alternate devices to oxygen cylinders – while cylinders contain a finite amount of oxygen supply, a concentrator continually recycles oxygen from the air and delivers it to the patient.​​​​​​

Donate today and together we can make a difference both right now and with what is to come for families affected by this unprecedented crisis.

Thank you.



How to Claim Your Free Pranayama Class

When you have donated via my Just Giving page, get in touch to claim your free Pranayama Class during May. Email or submit the form below with a message.

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