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5 transformational benefits of daily breath mastery

I have personally benefitted from the transformational and healing benefits of breath coaching.

Your breath is quite remarkable, so as a certified breath coach for the treatment of chronic stress, anxiety and poor sleep, I have pleasure in sharing my top five reasons why you should take up breath mastery coaching.

Benefit One: By managing and controlling my nervous system through breath mastery, I cope with every shitty thing that life throws at me

Benefit Two. Anxiety that once crippled me for a period of time, affecting my work performance, is a long distant memory

Benefit Three. Work stress that clung onto me at home, turning me into a grumpy grinch, irritable and at times, an unpleasant person to live with no longer exists. With breath mastery, the little things that once triggered me are now like water off a ducks back (apologies to my ex-wife )

Benefit Four. Waking in the middle of the night and the insomnia that tortured my mind in the wee small hours, does not exist in my life. I sleep from the moment my head hits the pillow until my alarm startles me awake in the morning

Benefit Five: Breath mastery has had a life changing, transformational, impact upon my health and happiness

The best bit about breath mastery is that eventually, it just happens automatically.

Poor sleep, anger, irritability, tiredness, low energy and exhaustion are all signs that your nervous system is in fight or flight mode for most of the time.

My breath coaching course - Breath Mastery Live Online - focuses on methods of breathing that work powerfully with your nervous system to create calm and balance. There is an incredibly complex amount of things going in our body when we breathe, which is why EVERY breath is so important. The good news is that my breath coaching is quick and easy to learn and many of the techniques I teach you work immediately.

Breath Mastery Live Online, is four breath coaching classes, consisting of breathing techniques that help improve your health and well-being. I also cover, the anatomy and physiology of breathing and give you breathing practices to do between the weekly classes. Next course starts 19 Jan.

Breath Mastery Live Online: In less than four weeks, my course will help you master your breathing and your nervous system!

The pathway to improving your response to stress and improve sleep is to incorporate Breathing into a short daily practice before bedtime, and to use them therapeutically when needed, to help calm and balance your nervous system.

We all have to breathe, right? And yet over 90% of us don’t breathe properly and do so in a way that is positively DAMAGING our health and SHORTENING our time on this beautiful planet.

Have a great rest of your day.

Join me for Breath Mastery Live Online, 2023 course one starts 19 Jan, course two starts16 March, course three starts18 May

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