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Announcing Breath Awareness and Mastery - Online Live

Did you know that 90% of the population do not breathe properly? When you consider that your breath impacts on EVERY cell in the body, your health and wellbeing depends on the quality of how you breathe.

If you are unaware of how to breathe properly and live a hectic life, you are stimulating your nervous system to create an artificial fight or flight state. And, because life it always crazy busy, you exist in this state for most of the time.

So what?

It's no exaggeration to describe it working like a silent cancer, growing negatively in the body, in your mind and playing on your emotions.

It's no wonder people are so exhausted, strung out and struggling to cope.

Do you forget to breathe or breathe through your mouth?

Alarm bells to be conscious of, include:

  • Sleeping badly / waking at night and not falling back to sleep

  • Snoring

  • Regularly feeling stressed and anxious?

  • Feeling short of breath, flushes, heart palpitations

These are just some of the many signs or symptoms of poor breathing habits that are damaging your health.

Breath mastery for stress - starts this November

This November, I am launching a NEW group breath coaching masterclass online in the evenings. It's a course of four coaching sessions, held once a week, designed to help you to master your breathing, learn why it is so important, put it into a perspective that's genuinely shocking, and provide you with and understand of the health risks of breathing badly.

At the end of the course - everyone will be equipped with an arsenal of incredible breathing techniques to use therapeutically when needed, along with a daily personal practice to keep the nervous system in the best possible shape.

Course Starts NOV 2022 - BOOK HERE: £79.00

I've adapted my 1-1 coaching with my Your Breath at Work course (worth £375.00) to accommodate groups of normal folk, who need a little help in life to gain control and feel better.

To reserve your place, the above link launches an email. Please send me your mobile number and full name so I can register you. I will reply, asking you to make a payment. Once paid, I will admit you to the VIP Facebook and WhatsApp group for the course.

What Group Breath Coaching Live Online Involves:

  • My breath mastery coaching is a course of four classes designed to help you harness the power of your breath.

  • I teach the ancient art and science of pranayama (yoga breathing) bought into the modern era

  • Greater awareness and practical tools to manage and control the immediate and long term impact of stress on your body and mind.

During the course - you will learn about

  • your nervous system

  • the anatomy of breathing

  • what’s going on in your body and the harm stress is causing you

  • A range of powerful breathing techniques that are immediately effective for a range of scenarios

Benefits of completing the course

  • Toolkit of daily breathing techniques to help with any situation

  • Learning to manage and control your nervous system

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sleep and digestion

  • Increase energy and concentration

Breath mastery in an enormously complex topic. My course distils everything down to an easy to understand series of four classes that are accessible to everyone.

What else? Here is a bit more info on what you can expect:

  • 4x 45 minute evening classes (one per week) during November

  • Join from anywhere in the world

  • Practice at home with daily breathing practices I challenge you to undertake

  • Discover the power of breath over every cell in your body

  • Learn about the science behind your nervous system, hormones, anatomy and physiology of breathing

  • Learn to apply the right breathing techniques at the right time

  • Develop breathing habits that last you a lifetime

  • Develop a daily practice of breathing

  • Recordings of everything available 24/7

  • VIP Facebook and WhatsApp group to share learnings and build a community of healthy breathers

I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping a small group of 'breathers' to set about a transformation of their lives through my breath coaching.

If you would like to join the course, please get in touch.

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