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Happiness in Spadefuls

Happiness came to me last night in spadefuls as I held my first in-person group yoga class from my base at Harrow Arts Centre! It was an epic experience. I am so happy to be teaching face-to-face yoga for beginners.

It's been an incredible journey since launching my online yoga school in Jan. I now have over 50 members training with me each week, blending live online classes with recordings and bonus classes in Pranayama (breath coaching).

If you live close to Hatch End, it would be amazing to see you on the mat at the Harrow Arts Centre. I am running courses of 6 consecutive classes for total beginners determined to make changes and need hand holding and motivation to gain confidence and momentum.

FOR YOU IF: * Stress, anxiety, fear and anger is dragging you down * Joint mobility is an issue * You are stiff as a board

YOUR TIMETABLE FOR CHANGE: * Saturdays 9am or 10.30am (most popular) * Thursday Evening 7.30pm * Tuesday Morning 10.30am (fully booked)

MY BEGINNER COURSE IS: - Gentle - Achievable - Realistic

SUITABLE FOR: - Every body (shape, size, mobility) - Any age - All genders and ethnicity.... - Any other demographic you can think of!

MY YOGA IS NOT: About getting your right foot behind your left ear whist standing on your finger tips. Nope, I can't do that either!!

Your body is beautiful and special, so even if you are feeling body conscious, fearful, shy or embarrassed - this is perfectly normal. My space is a safe place to explore and understand how you breathe and how your body moves through transformational yoga and pranayama.

In the meantime, I really hope to welcome you soon via zoom or in person.

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