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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Mindful walking helps me with my mental health and supports my wellbeing. It is genuinely amazing.

Pauli and Kajal - pausing for a quick selfie
Pauli and Kajal - pausing for a quick selfie

Dont forget to look up today!

This morning, on my dash to the station, I grabbed a delicious Americano at the kiosk and (being a creature of habit) stood in my 'usual' place on the platform.

What I did next made me think hard about the handheld devices we cling onto in our hand, pocket, bag...because, like an addict, I whipped out my phone to flick across my 5 inch screen for something banal to occupy my mind with.

At that moment, a very light flutter of wind - like a cool breath on my face - made me look up and made me realise that I wasn't taking notice of the beauty around me; that I wasn't practising one of the things that gives me so much pleasure and positivity in my life - and that's mindfulness!

I looked up at the sky and whilst controlling my breath, I started taking notice of every little detail around me and thanking the universe for it.

In a way, it's a selfish act because being mindful helps me with my mental health and supports my wellbeing. It is genuinely amazing.

Being mindful isn't easy. Our inner voice is an ever present critic, worrier, controller and destuctive influence on our lives. It takes a bit of effort to silence the voice and the influence it has on our mind, but it can be done - just ask those newbies who join me on my mindfulness walks.

Struggling at first with the concept of walking in a group without chattering out loud can be quite hilarious to watch.

Upon ending the walk, we'll reflect together (aka: natter out loud) about our experience. More often than not I am told by my newbie mindful walkers that, during the hour or so we spend together, they learnt to silence their inner voice and wondering mind by focusing first on their breath and body. Its at that point of the walk that the wonders of the world about them emerge and they walk in peace. At the end, as we go forth to our families and friends we are all feeling positive and uplifted; looking forward to the day ahead.

For me, its a win-win. Not only have I enjoyed a wonderful walk, but I have the pleasure of seeing the transformation mindfulness walking can have on people.

Wherever you are right now, look up, breathe, take notice using one or more of your senses (see, touch, hear, smell..)


Amazing who do bump into on a mindfulness walk
Horses going for walkies

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