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Easy running a yoga class, right? Behind the scenes!

You know the drill.... You flop your mat out onto the floor, flip up your laptop, press ‘join class’ and wait for a few moments....

Up pops your yoga teacher - all smiles and positive energy... you get yourself seated in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe....

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a yoga class? Read on >

Behind every yoga class, there has usually been a fair bit of behind the scenes planning going on. Depending on your teacher, a yoga class plan might be as simple as an outline of a few poses or a complex multi-page document detailing every possible aspect of the class. 

I prefer to make handwritten notes and sketch the sequence for the class allowing for some flexibility with the time.

It’s surprising how quickly a class passes by, especially when I have had to explain some of the poses in more detail or when we are doing deep breath work in every asana.

I sequence plan for my class a range of ‘must haves’ and then a number of ‘if time allows’ asanas. I love it, especially the sketching.

The following list gives you a little clue on what’s going on in our heads, as your yoga teacher, ahead of your next yoga class:

* sequence

* theme

* feeling

* music playlist

* peak pose

* teaching point

* anatomical focus

* story

* quote, poem, or verse

* core message

* the ‘level’ of the attendees

* backdrop (candle, Buddha...)

* laptop, zoom, camera/phone

* And my favourite worry of all - ‘oh crap, is the internet working today’

Usually, my main concern is - oh crap, is the internet working?

As you can see, it’s not just a few yoga moves thrown together. Class planning is a ‘thing’ and taken seriously by us yogis’s to ensure you practice safely, it’s challenging and you get maximum benefit for your health and well-being.


I have launched a schedule of daily beginners classes for men (because we men bend differently to women and have our special needs) and mixed classes, so if you are interested, please get in touch.

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