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How we breathe will help us live longer!

Our capacity to breathe has changed through the long processes of human evolution, and the way we breathe has got markedly worse since the dawn of the western Industrial Age.

Researchers have discovered that 90 percent of us—very likely me, you, and almost everyone you know—is breathing incorrectly and that this failure is either causing or aggravating a shopping list of chronic diseases.

On the upside, research is also showing that many ‘modern’ diseases and conditions such as asthma, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, psoriasis, and more—could either be reduced or reversed simply by changing the way we inhale and exhale!

Research is now upending long-held beliefs in Western medical science.

YES, breathing in different patterns really can influence our body weight and overall health.

YES, how we breathe really does affect the size and function of our lungs.

YES, breathing allows us to hack into our own nervous system, control our immune response, and restore our health.

YES, changing how we breathe will help us live longer.

Pretty cool isn’t it!

I've undergone a personal transformation and recovered from significant poor health through the yoga therapy and breath coaching I am now qualified to teach.

Breath Mastery Live Online is a course I have developed to download the best bits to you. The breath coaching course lasts for four weeks consisting of four classes, with daily breathing practices. My course is your chance to get a grip of your life by mastering your breathing. I've got a new Breath Mastery Coaching Course starting 19 Jan 2023 and should that not work for you, have announced dates in March and May 2023 too.

Check out all the course details here. Breath Mastery Live Online - breath coaching course starts19 Jan 2023

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