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Just Breathe with Pauli

I am on a mission to help teach the world to breathe - and it's starting this November in my breath mastery course - live online - for followers of both Kajal's Healthy Kitchen and MindfullyPauli!

With over 8 billion people in the world, it's a big mission. So, as with every grand plan, the first step is to reach out to those in my circle, because your long-term health and wellbeing depends upon it.

Read on....


FACT ONE - Stress and Anxiety

Most of us are highly stressed and struggle with anxiety, we sleep badly, and we lack energy and motivation. It's not surprising because we are all exhausted from a myriad of factors, including over-working, Brexit, COVID, a war in Europe and a whole host of personal struggles and relationship issues. In many cases, this leads us to reach for unhealthy choices to self-medicate like eating unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, and other addictions that 'make us feel better', but are significantly damaging health.

FACT TWO - Depression

1 in 6 adults experienced a ‘common mental disorder’ such as depression or anxiety in the past week. That's over 11 million adults in the UK and 1.3 billion across the world. Mental health and general wellbeing is declining faster than ever before and it is terrifying governments and business leaders around the world. The cost to society is huge and growing.

FACT THREE - Burn-out and exhaustion

We are falling sick. Look around you, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, unable to cope, depression, anger, sadness, low mood and relationships are breaking down. Why? We are burning out from exhaustion.

FACT FOUR - Immediate results

We know we need to take action about our health and wellbeing, but most people keep putting it off (until it's too late), because everything seems too much effort, appears too complicated, and it takes too long to see results. Breathing techniques get immediate results.

FACT FIVE - 90% of us do not breathe properly

90% of us are not breathing properly - and it's a scientific fact that we can prevent, rehabilitate and recover from most physical, mental and emotional illnesses by mastering breathing techniques and applying them daily.

All of the conditions mentioned in this blog are preventable, manageable and improvements can be immediate with breathing properly.

The best bit about learning how to breathe is that anyone can do it, regardless of age and physical condition.

Breath Mastery Live with MindfullyPauli

Starting from mid-November, I am running my 1-1 private client breath mastery coaching course for small groups - live online. My 1-1 course is £375, but I am offering the course for £79.00 in November to followers of Kajal's Healthy Kitchen and MindfullyPauli.

What Group Breath Coaching Involves

  • A course of four classes designed to help you harness the power of your breath.

  • The ancient art and science of pranayama (yoga breathing) bought into the modern era

  • Greater awareness and practical tools to manage and control the immediate and long term impact of stress and anxiety on your body, mind and emotions

  • Class recording and all breathing tutorials are available 25/7 to playback anytime or if you can't attend live classes

  • Community of breath masters - VIP Facebook Group and WhatsApp group to share our learnings and build support and awareness

During the course - you will learn about

  • Your nervous system

  • Hormonal imbalances caused by stress

  • The harm caused by stress on your body

  • The anatomy of breathing

  • What’s going on in your body and the harm stress is causing you

  • A range of powerful breathing techniques that are immediately effective for a range of scenarios

Benefits of completing the course

  • Toolkit of daily breathing techniques to help with any situation

  • Learning to manage and control your nervous system

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sleep and digestion

  • Increase energy and concentration

Every class includes

  • Theory - to develop a valuable understanding about your body, how it responds to stress and why breathing is so powerful

  • Breath awareness and understanding of anatomy

  • New breathing techniques live in every class

  • Pranayama (yoga breathing)

  • Three new breathing techniques per week to practice daily from home

The Cost: £79.00!

The course is just £79.00 for four classes - incredible value for learning that lasts you a lifetime.

To reserve you place, please email me so I can register you and send payment details. Upon receipt of payment, I will admit you to the private Facebook and WhatsApp group for the course.


I am aiming for the course to be a lively and fun group of breathers and I am looking forward to you joining. Drop me an email to today to sign up.

Pauli is a certified breath coach and qualified to teach transformational integral yoga as a therapy - specialising in stress and anxiety. He works 1-1 with private clients, teaches specialist Yoga4Men classes and works with people in rehabilitation and recovery from addictions.

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