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Let the Full Moon Inspire Magic

The next four days is a time of reflection and decluttering for Kajal and I with the arrival of a new moon!

Every 28-30 days, the universe invites us to pause and ask ourselves what we’re manifesting in our lives.

I find that a full (and new) moon phase is the best time to find the space to go inward and take stock of what’s going on in my life, giving me the opportunity to create intentions and find rhythmicity.

We both keep a moon cycle journal to help harness the power of each phase of the moon cycle (there are eight of them!).

As one should reflect during a full moon, rather than jumping into the next new thing, l will use these four days to focus on:

- what I have done

- where I have been

- how I have spent the most recent lunar cycle

- What seeds have I sown

- What benefits I have reaped

- What’s I will let go of

- What I will keep

- Where I see opportunities for growth and expansion?

- What’s been giving me problems

This is a perfect time for us to look back on what we have achieved and de-clutter before we once again hit the ground running. It’s therapeutic!

I find that our full moon rituals are at their best when they involve evaluation, assessment, cleansing and recharging.

Unlike the new moon, the full moon represents fruitfulness and completeness and brings with it a lot of energy.

Here’s how I will approach my full moon ritual and if you want to join me these three days, here’s what I recommend:

1. Chill-out

Since there quite a bit of energy present, I will bring calmness into my space, so that I can harness the energy to my benefit. I will take cleansing breaths and chill.

2. Journal like crazy

I will reflect on the past few weeks and if you are joining me - you can use the points above as a guide to kick start your thinking.

3. Release and Declare.

Then, write down and release what is getting in the way of your progress in life and either ceremonially flush these “written blocks” down the toilet or burn them in the garden or fireplace.

4. Go outside to bathe in the moon.

If you can, get outside and let the moonlight touch your skin. It’s amazingly therapeutic and it’s said to help reduce inflammation and known support menstrual cycles. I also like to speak to the moon, sharing what I have released and paying gratitude for all it brings to me.

5. Dance to remove stagnant energy

Grabbing kajal, as I often do, we’ll dance to move out any stagnant energy out of our bodies and bring more lightness and joy to each other. This one feels a bit odd at first, buts it’s a lot of fun.

Make A Commitment To Moon Magic...I hope you join me in trying this out.

Go get yourself a journal, your favourite pen and commit to at least three months of moon rituals to see what comes up for you. And be sure to share your experience with me and how connecting with the moon has made you feel.

As each moon phase goes by, I will post my tips to help guide you.

Now, as soon as it gets dark tonight, go outside to say hello to that beautiful big full moon.



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