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Love Your Body Because You Only Have One

Does body consciousness hold you back?

I'm not talking about the confidence to peel on a micro bikini and stroll purposefully down your local high street in high heals (or if you are a man, shaving your chest, shirt off - look at my guns n' tats girls)..... No, no, no! I'm talking about it stopping you do simple things like the choice of clothes you wear, it stops you going out, or is stopping you starting something new like joining a gym or fitness class.

In Yoga, for example, many people are blocking themselves from starting because they:

  • feel embarrassed about their body

  • feel shy and lack confidence

  • fear that others in the room will judge them

  • fear they can't do it and are not bendy enough

  • will never be good as the teacher/others in the class

As beginners, we all feel this. And this has a beauty in itself - because this is what connects us all in a place where we are starting a process of breaking down our physical, mental and emotional barriers.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I held two classes for absolute beginners from my new base at Harrow Arts Centre.

By midday - they had all broken through the first barrier to entry - they turned up!. That's courage.

They now have greater confidence - because by starting together, they are sharing a safe place to explore and understand how they breath and how their body moves.

I am so proud of them. It's a big step to make.

More than anything, I am so happy they chose me to gently guide them to love their body, mind and spirit.

If you'd like to know more about how my yoga and breath coaching can help you, please get in touch.


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