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I've just recently launched a dedicated in-person beginners yoga class for men.

Here's why: According a personal trainer I know very well, women are VERY nervous and self conscious about going to the gym for the first time because of all the men working out. It's intimidating and embarrassing. But what has the insecurity of women gym goers got to do with men doing yoga?

Why do the majority of men avoid yoga?

Being the curious type, I asked around and discovered that for the same reasons as women, men are avoiding yoga classes - body consciousness and embarrassment! Yoga needs more men.... or rather, MORE MEN NEED YOGA because when I look around at men of my age (54), it's not a pretty picture of health and wellbeing.

If you are not attending yoga regularly, what's stopping you?

I'd love to know as this will help me understand the blocks that people have towards yoga. Physically - many of us are overweight, have a beer belly/unhealthy body fats, we're very stiff with the early signs of mobility issues with tight hamstrings, hips and often complaining of lower back and shoulder/neck issues. Not withstanding the pressure mounting in their mid-life around work, family, expectations; its a very stressful and often lonely place for a man. For that very reason - my Thursday night yoga class is reserved just for men. It's conveniently timed for after work at 7.30pm. I hold it Harrow Arts Centre and stream it live to my online yoga school.

Take a moment to look at my short video on Yoga For Men - the myths, sitting and touching your toes:

My Beginners Yoga for Men is a course of classes designed to help breakthrough the physical, mental and emotional challenges men are faced with. From a physical perspective - hips, hamstrings and back. My classes teach the art of breathing to calm the nervous system, relax the mind and muscle resistance. Men who want to start to make improvements can join me in a safe space where they can do so in a realistic, authentic and achievable way. One small step at a time.


- The power of your breath and how to breath (pranayama) - How to improve Joint mobility and stiffness - How to avoid injury and improve flexibility - How to control your nervous system to reduce stress If you are reading this and not a man, then please look around you. Are the men in your life looking out of shape, complaining of issues going on with their back, knee and shoulders. Or are they looking stressed out and behaving out of character. Maybe they are withdrawing?

If any of this resonates, then please encourage them to attend a Yoga For Men class with me or any another yoga teacher.

YOUR TIMETABLE FOR CHANGE - BEGINNER CLASSES (men and women) If you are close to Hatch End in London, then join me and fellow beginners taking up yoga

  • Saturdays 9am or 10.30am (men / women)

  • Thursday Evening 7.30pm (men only)

  • Tuesday Morning 10.30am (starting 15 June numbers permitting)

Interested? Book today before places go.


My six week courses for beginners are: - Gentle - Accessible Suitable for: - Every body (shape, size, mobility) - Any age - All genders and ethnicity.... - Any other demographic you can think of! 🙂 Targeting your Physical, Mental and Emotional Goals and using my unique methodology of teaching, I help you get a grip of your nervous system, improve joint mobility and overall flexibility. MY YOGA IS NOT For your peace of mind - this is NOT about getting your left foot behind your head whist standing on your eyebrows. Nope, I can't do that either!! If you have any questions, then please get back to me. In the meantime, see you on the mat (online or in-person) soon. Namaste! Pauli

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