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My Stunning New Yoga Venue - Elstree, Herts

Announcing - Beginners Yoga Classes - SouLand, Elstree, Herts

I am really excited to have partnered with SouLand, Elstree to focus on beginners yoga classes for men and women. Set in the Elstree countryside, the Yoga Yurt at 'SouLand' is a therapeutic place to improve your health and wellbeing; surrounded by woodland, meadows and close to a lake, this is the perfect spot to unwind the tension in your body and mind.

Welcome to SouLand - let me be your tour guide!


I am currently improving the mobility, flexibility and posture of men and women ranging from 40 - 76 years old. If you're feeling stressed, tired-out, angry, upset and unhappy with your body then you'll love my classes.

Your Timetable for Change (Aug and Sept)


Tuesday 7.30pm - Yoga for Men (Hatch End) Wednesday 7.00pm - Yoga for Men (Elstree) BOOK NOW Thursday 7.30pm - Yoga for Men (Hatch End) BEGINNERS YOGA FOR ALL

Tuesday 10.30am - Yoga for All (Hatch End) Wednesday 8.30pm - Yoga for All (Elstree) BOOK NOW

Book a course of beginners yoga classes - or a single class!

You can book on a course of 4 classes (every Wednesday through August) or if you can't attend all of them, but want to secure your place on dates you can, then there is an option to book single 'drop-in' classes for your preferred date(s).

Take 2mins to check-out what I have to say about my beginners yoga on my YouTube channel:

If you'd like more information on my classes and courses:

  • Yoga for Men

  • Yoga for Couples

  • Online Yoga Classes

  • 1:1 Private Client Yoga Classes

  • Breath for Stress Coaching

  • Public Speaking

  • Coaching and Mentoring

Email -

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