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PASSION - What's that all about?

PASSION. Let’s talk a little about passion - work, life and in bed!

As a man, when I think of passion - well - of course, you know where I come from, right? But hey - that’s wayyyyy too stereotypical and I am a conscious human being - a.k.a Yogi Pauli these days, so it’s going to be deeper.

Skipping quickly from ‘man as a dinosaur’ to thinking about ‘passion’ and ‘work’, I believe we’re talking about three parallel things.

Your work is what you do to get paid and for a living, whereas passion is something which you practice for pleasure or for the joy you get in doing it. And, as described previously, the third ‘passion’ is a helluva lot more steamier than the first two!

When you combine your passion with your work, then something magical and beautiful happens

When you combine your passion with your work, then something magical and beautiful happens; you are doing your best in terms of work and you will enjoy doing work like never before because you are fully invested.

Kajal and I came together about ten years ago, sharing our dreams and passions - slowly bringing them towards a reality as our relationship, love and instinctive understanding of each other became intertwined into a wonderful bond. And so it follows that it feels like a dream come true when we work together.

Yes, we disagree on things. We occasionally bicker too - but as soon as I accepted that she is always right, life got so much easier for me (🤣).

As soon as I accepted that Kajal is always right, life got so much easier for me 🤣

Humour, playfulness and fun is such an important ingredient to our success in relationship and work together.

Those who know us, who have shared time with us and experience us working together become part of us. We give you our everything - it’s like we wear our hearts on our sleeve, but without the tears and melt down.

Whether we’re hosting a private dining experience, yoga lunch club, yoga class, well-being retreat, coaching or mentoring - you get ALL of BOTH of us. By which I mean our happiness and intense enthusiasm, energy, passion, commitment, attention to detail, superior quality and an experience that we aim to last in your memory for a lifetime.

It’s important to us because it’s our passion!

What’s your passion? Do you genuinely combine your passion and work life? I want to hear about it - and why - comment below 👍

Passion at work - See it. Feel it. Taste it.

1. Give yourself the morning off work for our next Yoga Lunch Club - 18 Aug (4 tickets left). Restorative yoga, woodland mindfulness walk and Kajals unique lunch.

2. Beginners Yoga for couples (8pm every Wednesday), Elstree

3. Beginners Yoga for Men - every Tue, Thur at 7.30pm Hatch End, and Wed 6.30pm, Elstree)

Get in touch if you’d like to share in one of our passions.

I’d love to hear from you.



For Beginners Yoga for Men in Hatch End and Elstree

For Yoga for All - Elstree (beginners yoga classes for couples and individuals)

Yoga Lunch Club - 18th August + more dates in Sept and Oct



Yoga for Joint Mobility, Flexibility, Posture and Stress Relief (online yoga school + in-person)

Yoga - Targeted Mobility Training Course - Hips, Hamstrings & Back

Breath Coaching Courses & Workshops

- Your Breath for Stress (private client)

- Your Breath at Work (business leaders & teams)

Transformation Retreat - Paros, Greece - Sept/Oct 2021 (coming soon)

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