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Such a Beautiful Testimonial

I launched my practice in December 2020 with the single purpose of helping people to transform their lives, by helping to ease them from the toxic grip on the mind and body caused by stress, anxiety, fear, anger, burn-out, exhaustion and a whole complex cocktail of illness, disease, injury and stiffness.

A husband and wife 'team' (in their late forties) joined me as I launched and turn up religiously to class at 7am, Monday to Friday and at weekends at 9am. High five! That's some commitment.

Their purpose; to transform and take their health seriously for the first time. He's got diabetes and she's hit 'that' age when metabolism drops, body fat increases and aches and pains are appearing way too frequently for comfort in her body.

Looking back on her first month of practice, she said:

"I have been doing Pauli’s Yoga for over a month. In the very first week I had noticed a change in my body, especially noticing reduced pain in my knees, shoulders and wrists . I have done Yoga with other trainers but I find that I get the most out of Pauli’s sessions and his excellent teaching.

His yoga and meditations are transformational for both the mind and body. He has taught me how to breathe properly, I didn’t realise how shallow my breathing was until doing the Yoga Breathing exercises with Pauli!

Paul’s teaching approach is so easy to follow and can be done by any age. He explains every step so clearly and very calmly. Also his background music is so soothing and creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere which relaxes my mind. These yoga sessions have really helped me with my energy levels throughout the whole day and my whole body is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I have also noticed how calm I’ve been feeling within myself since doing Yoga with Pauli.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, I would highly recommend you to try Paul’s Yoga and meditation sessions. Trust me you will only benefit from it and truly feel amazing. I love it and even if I just miss a day I can feel it the difference it makes!"

Dipa Shah

Thank you Dipa for such a lovely testimonial. It's been amazing to witness the changes she has achieved and I look forward to helping her further enhance her wellbeing journey.

More Information

Class times this week are as follows. Get in touch if you'd like to know more or book a class here on the site.

Open Class Timetable:

7am (Monday to Friday)

9am (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

6pm (Tuesday, Thursday)

121 yoga class or Yoga Therpay - by appointment

Chronic Stress and Anxiety Class to help with calming the central nervous system, mind and body balance: Sunday 10.30am

Wellbeing and Life Coaching/Mentoring: By appointment

Relationship Coaching/Mentoring: By appointment

Corporate Solution for Executives: Keep the flame burning, not going out!



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