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Beginners Yoga for Men

for creaky, stiff, achy, inflexible old geezers like I once was


Beginners Yoga for Men is held at Northwood Hills, Hatch End (Harrow Arts Centre) and SouLand - Elstree


Joint Mobility, Flexibility & Posture

Yoga transformed my stiff, creaky, achy body and tired mind at the age of 53.


If I can do it, so can you!


My beginners yoga for men is designed to help us creaky chaps to start enjoying the benefits of improving flexibility, mobility, posture and reduce tension and stress in the body and mind.

Men are often put off joining 'traditional' yoga classes and have a negative perception about it. I've made it my mission to smash the negative perception many men have.

My yoga for men class is not about getting your foot behind your head whilst standing on your finger tips.  Nope! I can't do that either!. My classes are a gentle introduction into stretching the body, specifically targeting the parts that men struggle with the most - hamstrings, hips, back, knees and shoulders.

Yoga for Men Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 7.30pm - Hatch End (Harrow Arts Centre)

Course of four classes - £70.00

Hips Hamstrings Back

Targeted mobility and flexibility training is suitable for all ages (oldest is 76), body shape, type, size and weight. 

We're in this together

We are all body conscious. We are all embarrassed about starting something we know will be difficult. We're all feeling pretty bad about how we've neglected our body. That's pretty cool - because this is a safe place to breakthrough the tension, resistance, discomfort and pain in your body.

And don't forget, we're all in the same boat, starting at a similar point, sharing the experience and joy that regular practice will bring.

Yoga for Men Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 7.30pm - Hatch End (Harrow Arts Centre)

Course of four classes - £70.00

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Learn to Breathe, Reduce Stress & Improve Your Sleep 

There are many benefits you will get from regular yoga practice.


I am trained to teach transformational integral Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama and Meditation. I am also a certified breath coach for stress and anxiety.


The foundation of my teaching is pranayama (yoga breathing). I use this throughout the class to help you learn to manage and control your nervous system. This integral yoga breathing enables your body to expand, contract and stretch more effectively.

Every class starts with yoga breathing, followed by a range of stretches and ends with a Savasana to complete the practice.

You'll love it, I promise you.

One final point - commitment!  Turning up occasionally to a class or stop-starting, will have no meaningful benefit to you. I am therefore looking for men who are serious about improving their health and wellbeing and will commit to a course of six classes to start with in order to give yoga a really good go!

Yoga for Men Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 7.30pm - Hatch End (Harrow Arts Centre)

Course of four classes - £70.00

Sonit Shringi.png

Having joined this class and now 3 weeks in, I’d like to tell anyone thinking about this. Don’t think. Do it. I spent years thinking about it and it’s probably the best decision I made. Only 3 weeks in and I can see a clear and distinct difference in my daily aches and pains! Pauli is gentle and guides you well with all his lessons making stretching and breathing be as natural as it’s supposed to be!"

Sonit, age 41 (Sonit is one of my youngsters!)

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