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Gravity Yoga® for Flexibility and Mobility

Gravity Yoga® for Flexibility and Mobility is a specialist approach helping you unlock tight hips, hamstrings & spines.


As a certified Gravity Yoga instructor I am trained to help you radically transform your flexibility and reduce stress.


What is Gravity Yoga?

It’s a mat-based, targeted mobility training method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips, and tight hamstrings.

Classes are hugely popular with Private Clients and in Studios all around the world because they deliver flexibility results quickly.


The 3 Principles of Gravity Yoga:

  • #1: Sloppy Spaghetti . Muscles stretch best when completely relaxed. So when you train for flexibility, you attempt to relax into the stretch as much as possible - just like sloppy spaghetti!

  • #2: Wind Down Breathing 4:8. Inhale through your nose to the count of four, exhale to the count of eight. This breathing practice turns off the stretch reflex, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system response, and relieves muscle tension.

  • #3: Meet or Beat Your Hold Time. The gating factor for flexibility is time under passive tension (AKA how long you spend in these deep poses). The typical Gravity Yoga hold times are 2-5 minutes.

Why Gravity Yoga®

  • Transform your body & mind. Gravity Yoga is a rigorous practice that delivers measurable results. You will improve your flexibility and reduce stress, and enjoy long-lasting results.

  • Sitting all day long We spend four hours a day hunched over our phones, six hours a day on the computer and an hour a day in a car.

  • For the Fit and Actiive - High Intensity Training (HIT) make us stiff. CrossFit, weight training and tough mudders will get you in great shape, but they also make you stiff. As people flock to these fitness trends, they need help to balance the strength with mobility and flexibility.

  • For seniors - The world’s population is ageing fast and people are living longer than ever before. Average lifespan is 75+ in most countries and older people want to move like they did in their younger years. My training will help you keep mobile and flexible for longer.


3 Primary Training Opportunities


1) Private client - Gravity Yoga Course: Bespoke solution-oriented sessions targeting your mobility and flexibility. Training consists of a discovery session (assessment of your needs), 60 minute 121 Gravity Yoga session per week, lasting for four weeks. You are required to train for 15 mins per day of daily (stretching) which is given to you after each session as homework/self practice.


1 Class: £95.00

One Month Pack: £225.00

Two Month Pack: £375.00

Three Month Pack: £480.00


1) COUNT ME IN - book a discovery session to get going

2) I'm not sure, book a call to talk about Gravity Yoga Courses with Pauli

Please email me to discuss your aims and to arrange a discovery session together.  


2) Yoga Studios: Group classes for yoga studios. Group classes are fun, challenging, and instant community builders.

Cost: £call / email


3) Classes for gyms and fitness centres. For client hungry for flexibility training that actually works and delivers results.

Cost: £call / email 

Breath of Life Transformation



Targeted Mobility Training for Flexibility

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