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Your Coach & Mentor

Life is challenging. The relationships you have with your lover, partner, friends, family, your boss, co-workers and team mates can make you, or break you. In fact, your happiness depends upon it.


Toxic relationships in your life are like a cancer, slowly eating away at your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. As a relationships coach, I help you make sense of the issues going on in your life and through talking together, I help you find constructive pathways to improving the relationships that are most troubling you. 

Just Talk with Pauli

A confidential, safe and unbiased place to talk about your relationship issues with Pauli.


​Advice, support and coaching with:

  • Family and Relationships

  • Relationship Breakdown

  • Coping with Heartbreak & Moving on

  • Dating Again / Learning to Love Again

  • Understanding your man/women

  • Coping with Narcissism

  • Mental, Physical or Emotional Health & Wellbeing

  • Career Change / Career Development

  • Motivation

  • Healthy Living and Lifestyle

  • Overcome fear and overwhelm - one step at a time

A problem shared, is a problem halved, so let's start taking the steps you need to be happier and healthier

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It can be a lonely place being a man. Men need to talk without the perceived stigma of 'counselling' or 'therapy'. I offer you the opportunity to talk man-to-man about the issues that are troubling you. A safe and confidential space for you to share your emotional or mental challenges, talk openly and without judgement. I use my coaching, mentoring and life skills to help support your needs. 


A problem shared is a problem halved - i've got your back!

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Understanding Your Love Language.jpg

Love Coaching!

You are nothing but an old dinosaur!

Does that sound like you? 

Do you find the idea of being 'romantic' alien?

Is your partner unhappy? Are you?

You love your partner, but the love is different. You argue and bicker like an old couple and you appear to have fallen out of 'love'.

Slay the Dinosaur - You!

Joking aside, your lack of understanding of what your partner needs from you is destroying your relationship. In fact, your lack of empathy, love and attention is making her very unhappy, feel isolated, unloved and un-wanted.


You haven't got a clue about where to start, so you don't. Instead, you grab another beer or chain yourself to the office, hoping that by 'providing' you are doing your bit and that's good enough. Sadly, it's not!


When it comes to being romantic, you just do't feel it.


My LoveCoaching isn't about your 'performance', it's about how you make your partner feel. Loved, wanted, cherished and valued.

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