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Meditation with Pauli

Join me on a journey of transformation to heal your body and mind using the therapeutic power of meditation and mindfulness.

Stress and a multitude of other external factors are, quite literally, making us sick and in some cases, killing us.

My guided meditations are designed to help you cultivate regular practice to improve your wellbeing, balance and awakening.

I help you explore the restorative power of mindful meditation, Yoga Nidra, talk down meditation and positive affirmations.

Through regular practice, you develop a range of tools to cope with whatever life throws at you; stress release, deep relaxation, restorative sleep, energy, creativity, focus, love, communication, motivation and so much more.

Free recorded meditations are available in my Facebook Group (@mindfullypauli). I have 12 stored in this group for you to enjoy.


I offer bespoke meditation as part of my Breakthrough Transformation Retreats in Turkey and the UK, as well as personalised 121's and 'Breakthrough Anxiety and Stress' Program.


Please get in touch if any of these sound interesting to you.

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  Transforming Lives from the Inside Out   

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Mindful Meditation - Supporting Deep Sleep 

Meditation starts at 2 mins 48 seconds


This meditation is best done lying down in a comfortable place in warm and comfy clothes. Pop on headphones and relax.

For a good night sleep or to fall asleep, play at bedtime or whenever you wake up during the night.




“Pauli what a session this was, I felt such a tingle throughout my whole body as it relaxed... ” 


—  Hansa

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