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In Pursuit of Health and Happiness

I absolutely love this photo.

It captures a moment in time when Kajal and I were messing about on the beach together.

And yet, there is so much more to it than just larking around on a beautiful day.

For me, it captures a feeling, a mood, a lightness and the sense of joy that comes with sharing dreams, sharing a positive outlook on life and a determination to be healthy and happy.

It tells a story of how it feels when two people come together and figure out how to navigate the bumps and pot-holes in the road - and then travel on a helluva journey together.

The thing with health and happiness is this - we cannot sit on our backsides waiting for it to happen by wishing and praying. Of course - you know that, so forgive me stating the bleedin' obvious.

To be healthy and happy, it takes a degree of effort and compromise. I know - because I have done it, despite the odds.

Which is why this is such a beautiful photo; it captures the feeling you have - and can share - when it all comes together.

If you are reading this and 'wishing' for health and happiness, then think about this for a moment; you only have a certain number of waking hours a day, so it's critical to make the most of them.

Q: What is it that sucks your time and doesn't serve YOU?

A: It starts simple with a small adjustment to how you organise your day and setting your priorities in order.

WAKE UP CALL - as every second ticks on by, we are getting closer to death - it's a fact of life - so why do so many of us seem content to accelerate this by neglecting this incredible biological machine that supports us faithfully each day (our body and mind).

I believe that we owe it to ourself, our family and loved ones to be the healthiest and happiest version of ourself. Don't you?

As you know, Kajal and I are on a mission to inspire as many people as we can towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. We give a lot of our waking hours to giving this gift of awareness to whoever is willing to listen.

To help those determined to change and who need help, encouragement and structure; we designed our New Year New You - 21 Day Program. It's going the be a fantastic challenge to kick-start 2021 off to the best start possible. It starts on 11th Jan.

Kajal is teaching her new range of healthy vegan recipes. I am teaching yoga and meditation, together we'll be coaching participants towards a lifestyle with wellbeing and happiness at the centre.

Personally, I cannot wait for it to get started.

Happy 2021!

PS: Message me or Kajal if you'd like to know more or jump onto our websites to book your place.



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