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Body Image - from as young as I can remember, I would not remove my T-shirt


No, REALLY. You are! You just have to believe it YOURSELF!!

From as young as I can remember - as a child - I had a mole on my stomach that crippled me with embarrassment, shame even.

I wouldn't take my t-shirt off in the summer, on the beach and when I had to, like at the swimming pool, I would try to cover it with my arm.

It was relatively small. Nobody had ever noticed it or teased me about it. But I hated it.

If I was standing in front of my younger self today, I would counsel - 'goodness Pauli - it's nothing to worry about' I am sure you would too. I held onto this for many years, well into my adult life and even when I had small children myself.

I will never forget my five year old daughter having a conversation with 'moley' in the bath with me. That was her affectionate name for it, you see! A ritual she had at bath-time to amuse herself. Kids, don't you love-em for their sweet kindhearted honesty.

I had it removed about ten years ago and I kind of feel like something is missing :)

Have you got a part of your body that you are embarrassed about? Maybe it's your whole body?

I would put a lot of money down in a bet, that the majority of people in this world have got something about their body that they are unhappy about.

The problem is that this can lead to crippling self consciousness, low self esteem and depression.

Our physical body is the very first possession we have here on earth. As we get older, we become more conscious of ourselves. Not many of us are completely happy with our body image, while others are downright unhappy. But why?


Body image is a person's perception of the aesthetics or sexual attractiveness of their own body and more often than not, we're seeing ourselves compared to the standards that have been set by society.

When we compare ourselves to others whom we admire, in some cases we can use the information to inspire ourselves to strive for improvement. But as often as not, when we compare, we feel ‘less than’, and fall into disappointment and self-judgement.

Self-judgement sets up a negative energy within us that can lead to depression. And attract all sorts of other negative energies, situations and people. And ironically, self-judgement can lock in the very thing we’re unhappy about, making it harder to change.

We need to let go of judgement and come to accept and appreciate our bodies as they are.


Tonight, the meditation I am doing LIVE in my INNER CIRCLE is to help tackle this very issue.

It's a guided Mindful Meditation for HEALING YOUR BODY IMAGE.

If you'd like to know more or join my group, direct message me or dive straight over to my website.

Have a great evening.


PS - that's me with my T-shirt on!!

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