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Yogi Teddy Brings Journal To a Halt - briefly

Day one of our 21 Day program: A NEW YEAR A NEW YOU got off to a flying start today with my ‘AWAKEN’ class this morning; it was well attended by enthusiastic yogi’s – let the transformation begin!

"Thank you Pauli. That was great yoga session. Great start for Monday morning."

Our LIVE TALK at 1pm covered off a range of topics including the difference between juicing and smoothie when cleansing your gut health, the five major organs and why they are so susceptible to disease – including prevention - becoming your own doctor by looking from the inside out and journaling. I also covered off journaling.

JOURNALING is an important part of the TRANSFORMATION journey. Let me tell you why:

Inspirational writing is giving ourselves time reflect, to listen to our real needs, to update ourselves. It is a fundamental and powerful tool in the process of renewal and transformation.

We change continuously and circumstances change fast around us.

Everything in life changes from moment to moment. So it is relevant for our wellbeing and progress to take the time on a daily basis to observe where we are at, to adjust to our needs at each given moment by pausing and listening, instead of continually rushing in all directions wasting our energy in situations and actions that no longer serve our real priorities. It is minimising and prioritising our needs for our highest good.

How can you change direction without asking yourself what needs to be left behind? What needs to be taken on board your new journey?

Tomorrow, we start the process of tapping into the new moon cycle. We’re going to piggy back onto the energy cycles of the universe to raise everyone to great new heights!


“that was brilliant wow...totally relaxed...Be blessed always ”

PS: Pictures – my journaling this morning made – not so easy – by kitten wanting some attention...until he got bored

PPS: His name is Teddy.... Yogi Teddy!

"Paul, I have got problems with my knee and also my hip & pelvis since my accident so been told not cross my legs by chiropractor, but after listening to your intro yesterday, I used the cushions to sit on & also under my knees for support and it really helped. Thanks "

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