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Yogi Teddy is Showing Off - Again!

Even baby'Yogi' Teddy is trying to get in on the act these days!

As his yoga instructor, I’d say he’s got pretty good alignment and excellent flexibility. Agree?

Little does he realise that this is downward dog, not cat-curl or cats breath! I wonder if he's got an identity crisis and thinks he's a dog! He'll find out soon enough :)

If you’d like to move like Teddy and you want to get your mind / body transformation underway, then get in touch.


I am offering free taster classes, so please message me if you’d like to come along (please - only if you have a serious interest in taking up yoga).

During my taster class I will run through my transformational yoga methodology, show you how to discover the healing power of your breath, pranayama, joint clearing asana's and shavasana. It's a beautiful class, designed to unlock physical and mental tension, micro-resistance; breaking down toxins held in your mind/body. Cleansing, Balancing and awakening your body and mind!


Awaken your creaky hip joints with my specialist class for hip opening and flexibility. If this is of interest, please let me know so I can include you on the invite list and send you details. Email me at with the title - Pauli - please help me awaken my hips!!

CLASS TIMETABLE - live on Zoom

My Transformational Yoga Classes last for 60 mins:

Monday 9am Tuesday 7am, 6pm Wednesday 9am Thursday 7am, 6pm Friday 9am Saturday 9am

You can join any of these classes as a free taster - so get in touch.

If you want to join a class or sign up to a yoga plan, please go to:

I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!



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