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Yoga for Men Relaunches

I am sooo happy - Beginners Yoga for Men is back!

After a short pause while I was advancing my training in Greece, I’ve got a new timetable of evening classes through the week (Mon-Thu).

My classes are specifically designed for men with creaky joints, horrible hips, unhappy hamstrings, barbaric back and niggly neck. Sound about right?

The aim is to release the tension from your body and mind with my no nonsense beginners Yoga for Men.

Yoga for Men Evening Course of Classes are held:

- Monday and Thursday evening - Northwood Hills

- Tuesday in Hatch End

- Wednesday in Elstree.

Beginners Yoga for All/Couples

- Monday Evening, Northwood Hills

- Wednesday Evening, Elstree

Drop me an email if you‘d like to join or would like more info.


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